Fungicides In Plant disease Control (Paperback)

ISBN: 9789386479846

Edition: 4th

Author : Y.L. Nene, P.N. Thapliyal

Year: 2018

Pages: 656

Publisher Name: Medtech

Rs. 595.00
Rs. 386.75

The first edition of the book by Dr. Y.L. Nene was published almost three decades ago. The ignorance concerning the nature of fungicides and their application in the control of plant diseases, prevalent at that time, prompted the author, to write the book. Significant advances have since been made in fungicide research and technology, which has resulted in the expansion of the fungicide industry in India and several other countries.

This book provides basic information on various fungicides and fingicide products and their application. It also describes the nature, mode of action, and use of fungicides, which have found place in successful plant/crop disease control. Several new fungicides that were not mentioned in the previous editions have also been described. The subject of systemic fungicides has been discussed in detail, with particular emphasis on management of fungicide resistance. The impressive, thorough descriptions are based on the information generated over the years and on the authors' own experiences in this field. References to the literature cited have been indicated throughout the text to obtain additional information. Also, chemicals used in plant disease control and their sources have been listed to serve as a reference directory.

Fungicides are an important component of integrated crop management practices in modern agriculture. Therefore, this book will be valuable and serve as a source book to students, teachers, researchers, and extention workers in India and several other countries. With the updated information, this third edition should be more popular and valuable than the previous editions.

Introduction • History • Sulphur Fungicides • Copper Fungicides • Mercury Fungicides • Quinone Fungicides • Captan, Folpet and Captafol • Dicarboximide Fungicides • Systemic Fungicides • Miscellaneous Fungicides • Evaluation of Fungicides • Appendices • Index.

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