Textbook Of Fungi And Their Allies (Paperback)

ISBN: 9789386479174

Author : Inderjeet Kaur Sethi, Surinder Kaur Walia

Year: 2018

Pages: 552

Publisher Name: Medtech

Rs. 695.00
Rs. 451.75

The book aims to provide an insight into the fundamental and basic concepts of mycology in a simple manner but also exposes the students to the complexities of the fascinating world of fungi. The book is based on the latest phylogenetic system of classification.

Highlights of the book

  • Simple and readable language for easy assimilation of knowledge without too much effort by the students.
  • The different groups of fungi have been presented in a taxonomic context, taking into account recent revolutionary progress in classifications based on molecular phylogeny, with additional information from physiology and ultrastructure.
  • General characteristics, differences, ecology and importance of fungi have been given in tabular form bulleted form for easy reference.
  • The book is profusely illustrated, with the diagrams and photographs presented in the colored format to make them easily understandable.
  • Interesting readings have been presented in boxed form in several chapters to preserve and nourish the interest of the readers. These deal about controversies, curiosities and new developments in the fungal world.
  • Mini glossaries are given at the end of the chapters to provide handy definitions of technical terms.
  • A separate chapter on important diseases caused by fungi has been included.
  • To help students apply what they have learned and stimulate additional thoughts, questions for review have been given at the end of each chapter.
  • Flowcharts of classification followed in the past and the modern systems including the latest phylogenetic classification followed in the book have been given in the appendix.
  • Chronology of milestones in mycological studies have been listed in the appendix.
  • A consolidated glossary has been included in the appendix, giving the origin of the words and their meanings.

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