Primary Preventive Dentistry [Paperback]

ISBN: 9789384007508

Edition: 1st Edition

Author : Neha G. Aggarwal

Year: 2016

Pages: 540

Publisher Name: Medtech

Rs. 695.00
Rs. 556.00

The book comprehensively presents the science and practice of assessment and treatment modalities of preventive dental care. This edition strives to enhance the readability of this book for dental hygiene and dental students.

Unit-I, deals with preventive dental concepts and their evolution, Unit-II describes oral disease etiology and contributing risk factors. Unit-III addresses preventive strategies and health promotion. Unit-IV focuses on target populations and public health approaches to preventing disease and maintaining health in these populations. Book is presented in easy and lucid language. Diagrams are specially designed and also taken from various sources for clarity and simplicity.

Salient Features:

1.            Updated illustrations and photographs throughout to enhance readability and student learning

2.            Discussions of oral cancer, tobacco cessation, athletic mouth guards, technological advances,and dental                       trauma


1.       Introduction to Primary Preventive Dentistry

2.       Dental Plaque

3.       Carious Lesions

4.       Periodontal Diseases

5.       Oral Cancer

6.       Dental Trauma

7.       Host Defense Mechanisms in the Oral Cavity

8.       Toothbrushes and Toothbrushing

9.       Dentifrices, Mouthrinses, and Chewing Gums

10.   Self-Care Measures to Supplement Toothbrushing

11.   Community Water Fluoridation

12.   Topical Fluoride Therapy

13.   Dental Sealants

14.   Nutrition, Diet, and Associated Oral Conditions

15.   Sugar and Other Sweeteners

16.   Professional Dental Hygiene Care

17.   Health Education and Promotion Theories

18.   Tobacco Cessation

19.   Athletic Mouthguards

20.   Technological Advances in Primary Dental Care

21.   Public Health Programs

22.   Pregnancy and Infancy

23.   Pediatrics

24.   Adult Dental Care

25.   Geriatrics

26.   Medically Compromised Populations

27.   Populations with Developmental Disabilities 

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