Electric Drive (Pb)

ISBN: 9789386479044

Author : Chilikin

Year: 2018

Publisher Name: Medtech

Rs. 295.00
Rs. 191.75

Electrical drives generally play a key role in power generation, household appliances, automotive and industrial applications. The rapidly expanding area of adjustable speed drives as used in robotics, wind turbines and hybrid vehicles is driven by innovations in machine design, power semiconductors, digital signal processors and simulation software.

This module is at the center of the generic models used in this text to explore the dynamic and steady state operation of grid and converter fed induction, synchronous and DC machines. The section on modulation and control emphasizes the role of power electronics and digital signal processors in drives. Downloadable files that accompany this text have an extensive set of ‘build and play’ tutorials, in Simulink R° and Caspoc. The latter is a simulation platform which allows direct access to the ‘build and play’ modules, without further licensing needs. All figures in this text are included in the downloadable files in order to help with the preparation of customized Power Point type lecture material. This brings us to the purpose of this book namely to help students and engineers appreciate and understand the fundamental concepts of modern electrical drives.

This book is meant for readers with a basic engineering knowledge who have a need or desire to comprehend and apply the theory and simulation methods which are applied by drive specialist throughout the world.

Part I: Electric Drive Fundamentals • Basic Concepts. Brief Historical Background • Speed-Torque Characteristics of Electric Drives • Speed Control of Electric Drives • Special Forms of Electric Drives • Transient Conditions in Electric Drives • Motor Power Rating Selection and Load Diagrams.

Part II: Automatic Electric Drive Control • Open-Loop Automatic Control Systems • Closed-Loop Automatic Control Systems • Typical Controls of Electric Drives • Servo Drive and Program Control • Complex Automation O Electric Drives.

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