Farming Techniques For Agriculture And Animal Husbandry(Paperback)

ISBN: 9789386479815

Author : Buckley

Year: 2018

Publisher Name: Medtech

Rs. 1,095.00
Rs. 766.50

This book is written especially for farmers. It makes a popular appeal to all men engaged in farming. It is designed to be a handy reference-cum-text on the whole range of agricultural Universities. Ages of farm experience and a few generations of agricultural research have given us a vast store of practical knowledge on tilling the soil and raising crops and animals. This knowledge is scattered through many volumes on different phases of the subject, in experiment station bulletins, agricultural journals and encyclopedias. The important facts on which the most successful farming is based are here brought together in orderly and readable form. The directions given for the management of the soil and the raising of crops and livestock, but the business of farming is fully discussed. The subject-matter is arranged in ten parts of a number of chapters each, and by referring to the Table of Contents any subject may be quickly found. References are given at the end of each chapter. Each chapter has been prepared by a specialist in the subject presented. The illustrations have been secured from many sources.

Book I. Soils and Soil Management: Soil Classification and Crop Adaptation • Physical, Chemical and Biological Properties • Fertility and How to Maintain • Commercial Fertilizers

• Barnyard, Stable and Green Manures • Lime and other Soil Amendments

• Soil Water, Its Functions and Control • General Methods of Soil Management.

Book II. Farm Crops: Crop Improvement • The Rotation of Crops • Corn (Zea Maize)

• Wheat (Winter and Spring) • Oats, Barley and Rye • Buckwheat, Rice, Flax, Emmer, Kaffir Corn and Sunflower • Meadow and Pasture Grasses • The Clovers • Alfalfa

• Meadows and Pastures • Miscellaneous Annual Hay and Forage Crops • Annual Legumes, Grown Principally for Seeds • Roots and Tubers for Forage • The Potato • Sugar Crops (Cane, Beet and Maple Sugar, and Sorghum) • Cotton Production • Tobacco • Weeds and Their Eradication.

Book III. Horticulture, Forestry and Floriculture: The Principles of Vegetable Gardening

• Vegetables and Their Culture • The Farm Vegetable Garden • Vegetable Forcing

• Mushroom Culture • Medicinal and Aromatic Plants • Principles of Fruit Production, With Special Reference to The Home Plantation • Small Fruits • The Pome Fruits • Stone Fruits

• Citrus Fruits and Their Cultivation • Nuts and Nut Culture in The United States

• Miscellaneous Tropical Fruits • The Farm Woodlot • Beautifying Home Grounds • Window Gardening.

Book IV. Livestock Farming (Animal Husbandry): Advantages and Disadvantages of Keeping Livestock • Breeding, Care and Management of Farm Animals • Feeds and Feeding • Horses and Mules • Beef Cattle • Swine • Sheep and Goats • The Farm Flock (Poultry)

• Bees.

Book V. Dairy Farming (Dairy Husbandry): The Dairy Herd; Its Selection and Improvement • Dairy Herd Management • Dairy Breeds of Cattle • Clean Milk Production • Dairy Butter-Making.

Book VI. Farm Buildings and Equipment: Farm Buildings, Fences and Gates • Farm Machinery and Implements • Engines, Motors and Tractors for The Farm • Farm Sanitation

• Farm Drainage and Irrigation.

Book VII. Farm Management: Farming Compared with other Occupations • Factors That Determine Best Type of Farming • Cost of Production • Intensive and Extensive Farming

• Size and Diversity of Farm Related To Efficiency • Cropping and Feeding Systems

• Planning the Farm and Farmstead • Land Rental and Farm Tenantry • Farm Labor • The Farmer's Capital • Farm Records and Accounts • Markets, Marketing and Co-operation.

Book VIII. Plant and Animal Diseases, Insect Enemies and Their Control: Diseases of Animals and Their Management • Diseases of Farm, Garden and Orchard Crops, and Their Remedies • Insect Pests and Their Control • Insecticides and Fungicides.

Book IX. Home Economics and Agricultural Education: Food Materials and Their Functions • Housing and Clothing • Education and Information for the Farmer.

Book X. Tables of Weights, Measures and Agricultural Statistics.

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