The Technology of Food Preseravation (Paperback)

ISBN: 9789386479235

Edition: 3rd

Author : Nrman W. Desrosier

Year: 2017

Pages: 502

Publisher Name: MEDTECH

Rs. 695.00
Rs. 486.50

Since recent decades, there has been observed the rapid expansion of food technology industry and consistently attracted industry experts to harness their capabilities in solving the plethora of challenges of modern food preservation industry. The organization of the book has emphasized on the rich array of food technology and represented its concept in a simplest possible way. The book contained technical and practical information in an exhaustive manner to cover all the concepts of principles, preservation, stability and new food product development. References have been cited to establish authority and to assist the reader who may wish to obtain additional information about any particular subject. The food technology experts and students may use the present edition for quick understanding of notion and practical plethora about food preservation.

Salient features

•             This recent edition attempts to explore the technological advancement in the field of food preservation in an authoritative and concise manner. 

•             The book is intended to serve wide readers including food processing experts, food preservation analyst, food technological engineers, researchers, and academician.

•             The recent edition provides great focus on the updated information till the date of publication. The content is provided with numerous tables, flow charts, line diagrams and colored photographs or illustrations to enhance the learning of complex food preservation mechanisms.

•             Written in lucid and easy-to-grasp language highlighting the important aspect of processing products.

•             Brevity, conciseness, readable format and easy accessibility of key information will facilitate readers learning and memorization.

•             The food technology experts or preservation analysts and students or researchers may use it for quick understanding of notion and practical plethora about food preservation.

•             Fully revised, new edition includes the references at the end of the chapter for  the  more  detailed  information.

Brief Contents:

Introduction to food technology • Acceptable food to eat • The refrigerated storage of perishable commodities • Principles of food freezing • Principles of food preservation by drying • Principles of food preservation by canning

• Principles of food preservation by fermentation and pickling • Preservation of food as sugar concentrates • Preservation of foods with chemical additives

• Preservation of foods with ionizing radiations • Preservation of semi-moist foods • Principles and preservation of bakery products • Storage stability of preserved  foods  •  New  food  product  development.

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