Aquacultural Engineering (Paperback)

ISBN: 9789385998782

Edition: 1st

Author : Fredrick W. Wheaton

Year: 2017

Pages: 730

Publisher Name: MEDTECH

Rs. 695.00
Rs. 486.50

Aquaculture is the production, processing, and marketing of biological organisms from aquatic systems. It is remarkable to note that aquaculture engineering is not new yet the minor research effort has been applied because man finds creatures that dwell in an aquatic world more difficult to understand than ones which breathe in air. It is evident that aquaculture is an expensive practice and requires long-term dedications which can only be afforded by developed countries. The organization of the book has emphasized on the rich array of aquacultural engineering and represented in a simplest possible way. With this recent edition, we aim to serve a wide range of readers' groups with the intention of contributing towards technological advancement in aquacultural engineering.

Salient Features

•             This recent edition attempts to explore the technological advancement in the  field of aquaculture engineering in an authoritative and concise manner. 

•             The book is intended to serve wide readers including practicing aquacultural engineers, biologists, hatchery managers, aquaculturists and other concerned fishery experts, researchers, and academician.

•             The recent edition provides great focus on the updated information till the date of publication. 

•             The content is provided with numerous tables, flow charts, line diagrams and colored photographs or illustrations to enhance the learning of complex aquacultural mechanisms.

•             Written in lucid and easy-to-grasp language highlighting the important aspect of processing products.

•             Brevity, conciseness, readable format and easy accessibility of key information will facilitate readers learning and memorization.

•             The aquaculture engineering experts and students or researchers may use it for quick understanding of notion and practical plethora about aquacultural engineering.

•             Fully revised, new edition includes the references at the end of the chapter for the more detailed information.

Brief Contents:

• Why Aquaculture? • Properties of Water • Energy in Aquatic Systems • Oxygen • Carbon Dioxide and Other Gases • Nutrients in Aquatic Systems • Modified Systems • Water Supply for Aquacultural Enterprises • Fluids • Water Flow and Level Instrumentation • Pumps • Ponds, Tanks and Other Impounding Structures • Filtration • Disinfection • Aeration.

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