Dairy Cattle Management : Selection, Feeding And Management 3Ed (Pb)

ISBN: 9789385998799

Author : Yapp

Year: 2017

Publisher Name: Medtech

Rs. 395.00
Rs. 276.50

Dairy technology is a broad domain that helps us to understand the significance of food for human health. Since recent decades, there has been observed a substantial scientific revolution in agriculture and food industry; technological advances and marked improvement has made this scientific expansion possible.  The present recent edition has been updated to develop a body of knowledge that provides the biochemists, experts, researchers a book with solution allied with all the other aspects of the dairy technology. The organization of the book has emphasized on the rich array of dairy chemistry and  represented  in  a  simplest  possible  way.

Salient features

•             This recent edition attempts to explore the wide aspects of dairy chemistry allied with technological advancement in an authoritative and concise  manner. 

•             The book is intended to serve wide readers including biochemist, food processing experts, agricultural engineers, nutritionist, students, researchers, and academician.

•             The recent edition provides great focus on the updated information till the date of publication. 

•             The content is provided with numerous tables, flow charts, line diagrams and illustrations to enhance the learning of dairy chemistry mechanisms.

•             Written in lucid and easy-to-grasp language highlighting the important aspect  of  dairy  chemistry.

•             Brevity, conciseness, readable format and easy accessibility of key information  will  facilitate  readers  learning  and  memorization.

•             The readers may use it for quick understanding of notion and practical plethora  about  potato  processing.

•             Fully revised, new edition includes the references at the end of the chapter for  the  more  detailed  information.

•             The book is accompanied with appendix focusing the revised recommended dietary allowances and summary of information of the vitamins.

Brief Contents:

Shall I be a Dairy Farmer? • Factors Affecting The Returns from the Dairy Enterprise • Selecting the Dairy Cow • Choosing a Breed • Determining Milk and Butterfat Yields • Studying the Principles of Heredity • Feeding and Developing Dairy Heifers • Feeding and Managing the Dairy Bull • Managing the Dairy Herd  • Preserving and Preparing Roughages for Dairy Cattle Feeding • Caring for and Marketing Dairy Products from the Farm • Rearing the Dairy Calf • Applying the Principles of Heredity to Dairy Cattle Breeding • Feeding the Dairy Cow During the Winter Season • Feeding the Dairy Cow During the Pasture Season               • Treating the Ailments of Dairy Cattle • Keeping Business Accounts with the Dairy Herd • Preparing Animals for Sales and Shows • Buying and Selling Dairy Cattle • Planning and Equipping the Dairy Barn • Caring for Manure and Conserving the Soil • Providing a Sound Basis for the Future.

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