Disaster Management, [Hardcover]

ISBN: 9789381714317

Edition: 2nd Edition

Author : Vinod K. Sharma

Year: 2013

Pages: 373

Size: 19x25 cm

Publisher Name: Medtech

Rs. 1,395.00
Rs. 1,116.00

The book is the outcome of first India-Disaster Management Training Country Workshop organised by IIPA. The Workshop was sponsored by UNDP-DHA in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture (Government of India) and Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, Bangkok.  Section 1 of the book contains six theme papers dealing with different aspects of Natural Disasters. Whereas in Section 2, few case studies presented by eminent persons on various types of disasters, viz., Drought, Earthquake and Cyclone have been incorporated. The book has many new chapters which have great relevance in the present time, like Climate Change and Natural Disasters, and few new case studies such as recent Sikkim Earthquake in 2011. The book has many useful informations regarding Natural Disasters such as Disaster History Report, Progress in IDNDR, Concepts and Guidelines of Hazards, and Vulnerability Analysis for Administrators and Academics. 



1.     UN-IDNDR- Global Initiative for Disaster Risk Reduction

2.     Natural Disasters vis-à-vis National Development

3.     Impact of Natural Disasters on Environment and Development Examples from Himalaya and Eastern and                     Western Ghats

4.     Natural Disaster Management in National Development- An Indian Perspective

5.     Flood Management in India

6.     Flood Mitigation Practices in India

7.     Disaster Management in India: A Community Practice

8.     Action Plan for Earthquake of Disaster Mitigation

9.     Basic Principles and Elements of Disaster Mitigation

10.   Functioning of Disaster Management Organisation and Methodology to Cope With Disasters in India

11.   Climate Change and Natural Disasters

12.   Drought Management Through Anticipatory Multidimensional Approaches A case Study

13.   Drought in Rajasthan and Gujarat

14.   Natural Disaster Rehabilitation Housing and Structural Mitigation and Case Study for Earthquake Affected                    Areas

15.   Case Study in India: Diagnosis, Repair and Strengthening of Damaged Buildings

16.   Gujarat Earthquake- Emerging Issues and Lessons for Future

17.   Cyclone Disaster Management in Coastal District of Andhra Pradesh- A Case Study

18.   Managing Natural Disasters – The Lessons from Orissa Super Cyclone

19.   Natural Disasters- Tropical Cyclones

20.   Lessons Learned from Sikkim Earthquake – 2011: Towards Better Resilience 

Dr. Vinod K. Sharma got his Ph.D. in Ecology from Banaras Hindu University in 1971. His main areas of interest are Natural Resource Management, Ecology and Environment and Natural Disaster Management. He has wide experience of teaching and research in India, Middle East and Northern Africa. He was consultant in a research project at Delaware State College, Dover, USA.

Dr. Sharma has published more than 72 research papers, written/edited 10 books and guided a number of Ph.D., M.Phil. and M.Sc. students in various Universities in India and abroad. Prof. Sharma was instrumental in setting up National Centre for Disaster Management in IIPA in 1995 which is now upgraded as National Institute of Disaster

Prof. Sharma was Chief of Party of USAID-funded PEER programme for 6 Asian countries from 2003-2006 (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Phillipines and Pakistan).

Currently, Dr. Vinod K. Sharma is Professor, Disaster Management in the Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi, India. (E-mail: profvinod@gmail.com) and Executive Vice Chairman, Sikkim State Disaster ManagementAuthority, Gangtok, Govt. of Sikkim. 

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