Clinical Pathophysiology [Paperback]

ISBN: 9789381714188

Edition: 1st Edition

Author : Aaron Berkowitz

Year: 2013

Pages: 193

Size: 21.5x28 cm

Publisher Name: Medtec

Rs. 350.00
Rs. 280.00

_x005F_x000D_ The book Clinical Pathophysiology teaches pathophysiology, mechanisms of disease and clinical reasoning hand-in-hand in a brief, clear, highly practical book. This book uses simple anatomical and physiological concepts to create a framework for the understanding of disease processes and the symptoms, signs, and lab findings that they produce. Each chapter begins with a brief discussion of  “how an organ system works’ (anatomy/biochemistry/physiology), which is then followed by what logically could cause malfunction of the organ system (pathology/pathophysiology). Following the eastablishment of this framework, specific disease mechanisms are discussed in this context, and the symptoms, signs, diagnosis, and treatment of these diseases are elaborated upon. In a complementary approach, the accompanying CD-ROM


_x005F_x000D_ The Cardiovascular System ¨ The Pulmonary System ¨ The Renal System ¨ The Gastrointestinal System ¨ The Endocrine System ¨ The Hematologic System ¨ The Nervous System ¨ Rheumatology ¨ Male and Female Reproductive Systems ¨ Clinical Cases ¨ Index
_x005F_x000D_ ¨ Diffetial Diagnosis CD (MArenC/WIN).


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